Thursday, October 29, 2009

10 Benefits of Exercising

Not only will it help to improve your health but it will also help to make you look a lot younger.

1,) Exercise improves circulation and circulation is an important factor in maintaining good skin.
2.) By maintaining a better skin condition you will inherently look a lot younger as poor skin condition is one of the sure signs that you are aging.
3.) The increased circulation that is brought about from exercise raises the temperature of the blood and pushes it towards the surface of the skin.
4.) In doing so it carries more oxygen and nutrients to the skin giving you a healthier glowing complexion.
5.) The additional blood that the exercise will bring to the surface of the skin reduces the degeneration of the skin cells and the breakdown of collagen.
6.) By reducing the degeneration and helping with the production of collagen, exercise slows down the aging of the skin and in particular the 'bagginess' and slackness that comes with age.
7.) Doing the correct exercise will also help you to maintain a better posture.
8.) One of the best forms of exercise for helping with your posture is yoga.
9.) Exercising not only helps with the suppleness of your body through stretching the muscles but it also improves your strength and posture as well as helping you to achieve a better state of mind and relaxation.
10.) All of these benefit your overall health and help to reduce the aging process.

This Article was by Michelle At People's Natural Living

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