Thursday, December 17, 2009

Working In America

The truth is that working conditions for American workers have been getting progressively worse in recent years. Blue Collar Americans Fed Up With The Lack of Jobs.

In today's world many of our jobs were outsourced and the jobs that are available are very lowing paying and it is very hard to make a living.

Van Jones, founder of the Green for All jobs campaign, asserts that "the idea that it's jobs versus environment is an utter falsehood." Jones, speaking at the Take Back America Conference of the Campaign for America's Future on March 17, 2008, called on the government to get on the side of those trying to simultaneously help our economy and stop global warming. There are more jobs in the clean economy, he said, than in the current polluting one. Van Jones:
These people I talk to are people who want to work and work very hard they are in financial debt not because they don't work or lazy! It is because the company they work for put them in that situation. By Cutting there pay or cutting their hours. These people are looking for work but it goes back to every open job in America, there are more than 50 people lining up to apply.
The Question I get most asked is What is the Average Working America People to do to bring income to support there family in today economy?

The economy being the way it is, and people losing their jobs, it is easy to get into a poverty mentality. Or maybe you were raised with the concept that there is never enough. Either way, here are a few tips on how to get out of the poverty mentality.

Take out your notebook and write ten things you worry about when you are asked about money. For example: " There will never be enough money" or "My money runs out too fast."

Turn these negative statements into positive affirmations. Beside your list of worries, write the positive. For example if it was the worry "I will never have enough money." write beside it "There will always be enough money to provide for my needs and extra for things I want." Or you can simply write "There will always be enough money."

Education is a key to success! Always learn something new . Education can also take several forms. Formal schooling and college are a major part of it, but there is also self-taught learning from books and guidance from mentors.

"Without a goal to work toward, we will not get there." - Natasha Josefowitz

Ask yourself exactly what it is you want. If you don't know what you want, there is no possible way for you to make a plan to accomplish it. Even though poverty is a technically a lack of financial capital, your state of poverty may also stem from a lack of foresight or vision.

How driven are you ? How resilient and determined are you? You have to have extraordinary faith and live through many a shattered dream of what you think it will be like as you transition into a better life materially.

'The world has the habit of making room for the man whose words and actions show that he knows where he is going." Napolean Hill

The Key is Keep Trying! Stay Focused and You Will Get There! Create Your Own Success!

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