Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How To Structure Your KB Business

What is network marketing? So, Why KB Gold? KB Gold has a vision that vision which has already started is to sell gold in low cost. 

So is "KB Gold Scam or Ponzi" ? 

Absolutely NOT! The "KB Gold Franchise" System is a two-tiered marketing system. The first tier allows the franchise holder to participate in the gold purchase plan similar to a bank savings account.

If you are not member of KB Gold Franchise, the next step, is to call Walter Bell at: 407-860-1120 or call Michelle at: 407-953-1143

So, we can enroll you professional add you on our team.

How To Structure Your KB Business

The reason you build three strong legs is because that’s what the comp plan dictates. Building three legs builds excitement under the spirit of paying it forward and stacking/ giving sponsorship away thus getting people into profitability and as I always say profitability = retention and retention = long term residual income. If you build wide your volume and resources are not working together but rather independently and it takes away from volume in the 3 legs which ultimately you want to have because over the long haul the most money you will make will through the global bonus pools and that clearly states volume in 3 legs. Do you want to make slightly more at the beginning with none of your team in profitability or build a strong foundation that will be much more profitable over the long haul? In other words do you want to make allot of money or just a little? Team members who are paying their monthly contracts with commissions and not discretionary funds will continue the savings plan no matter what the price of gold does. The people who are out on an island who were placed horizontally that have no excitement momentum or profitability will leave. It is our job as affiliates to educate people as to the true value of possession of gold and all that it implies. There are some who don't understand this concept and are in this for the "investment" aspect which I totally disagree with but with that said those individuals will stick around if the gold they are purchasing is free pursed no matter what the price of gold does. By stacking and building a team in 3 legs in the long run your business will earn much more money and have longevity it will not implode like so many I see in the industry because the team members business is not growing. Some people say that building depth and giving away sponsorship you lose your CAB. That’s simply not true. Do you give up a couple bucks, yes but you still get a portion. As you move up in rank in your first leg and achieve a higher pin level you would then start a second leg and capture the lion's share of CAB because you are at let’s say level 8 and the new affiliates coming in on leg two are only distributors just starting out. You would then repeat the process for leg 3.
Basically this is a two part business:
·       1st. The first thing you need to do is learn all about KB Gold Elemental Franchise.
·         2nd.  You share this opportunity with others, build a team and generate an income.
3rd.  You take out a Gold Savings Plan you can afford so you take care of your security, your family, your retirement, kids education, a home or whatever you aim towards.

People who listen to the two minute sizzle call and he says that if you play it for 20 then 10 will sign up. Here is the call:

Call: 1–605–475–4309

2 minute sizzle call - code: 796869

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