Sunday, February 27, 2011

16th Amendment

The 16th Amendment is the income taxes. The actually words are: The Congress shall have power and collect taxes on income, from whatever source derived, without appointment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration. Keep in mind: this amendment give the power to congress.

The revenues necessary to run state governments and programs is generated through the collection of different taxes. State income tax is collected from individuals based on their wages and other income. Sale tax is collected when goods and service are sold. These are taxes that used to fix our roads, schools and etc.
Federal Taxes goes directly to these Wall Street Banks. The Federal Reserve takes in about one trillion dollars per year tax free! Did you know that the Federal Reserve is the only for-profit corporation in America that is exempt from both federal and state taxes?

Next is to move on to a quick history of the 16th Amendment.

To raise revenue to fund the Civil War, the income tax was introduced in the United States with the Revenue Act of 1861. In 1895, In the Supreme Court case of Pollock Verse Farmer’s Loan and Trust with a ruling of 5–4, the Court held that the act violated the Constitution since it imposed taxes on personal income derived from real estate investments and personal property such as stocks and bonds; this was a direct taxation scheme, not apportioned properly among the states The 16th Amendment was removed. Then on February 3, 1913, 16th Amendment was ratified the same year the Federal Reserve Act took place on December 23, 1913.

In conclusion, as I was doing my research on the 27 Amendments I did come across a informative documentaries that explain the 16th Amendments very great detail it is about 2 hours long. What I thought that was very interesting is: In this documentary it explains that Americans are not required to pay Federal income taxes because there is no law that requires you do so. In 24 court cases where people in court for tax invasion. They ask to see the law that requires them to pay Federal Taxes they where Acquittal.

The Film Determined to find the law that requires American citizens to pay income tax, producer Aaron Russo ("The Rose," "Trading Places") set out on a journey to find the evidence. This film which is neither left, nor right-wing is a startling examination of government. It exposes the systematic erosion of civil liberties in America since 1913 when the Federal Reserve system was fraudulently created. Through interviews with U.S. Congressmen, a former IRS Commissioner, former IRS and FBI agents and tax attorneys and authors, Russo connects the dots between money creation, federal income tax, and the national identity card which becomes law in May 2008. This ID card will use Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips which are essentially homing devices used to track people. This film shows in great detail and undeniable facts that America is moving headlong into a fascist police state. Wake up! ------ Dear Lovers of Liberty, the struggle is just beginning! Get ready... Are you aware by May of 2008 the law will require you to carry a national identification card? Are you aware that there are plans being developed to have all Americans embedded with a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) computer chip under their skin so they can be tracked wherever they go? Are you aware the Supreme Court has ruled that the government has no authority to impose a direct unapportioned tax on the labor of the American people, and the 16th Amendment does not give the government that power?

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