Wednesday, July 6, 2011

KB Gold Presentation

KB Gold is a 16 year old company. They own their own Gold Mine. They have been involved in the marketing for a few years now. Buy~Sell~Own~ in GOLD. FREE to become a Gold Agent.
The KB Vision concept, or franchise called in Europe offers broad and interesting opportunities for everyone. You can work on this concept full time or part-time. You will be rewarded if you refer a customer to KB! As an Gold Agent you have no monthly commitments and there are no registration fees or monthly charge. Interested? 
Expand the acknowledgment of the KB gold plan. You are the compass to the gold. This is possible to expand National and international. You sell nothing, you refer, clients sign a contract directly with KB. You will receive the reward for the referral.
  1. You get a free Gold Agent license number!
  2. Easy reference income principle!
  3. No cost for registration!
  4. No product purchase
  5. You have no monthly commitments!
  6. Free on-line support to our webinar!
  7. Internet marketing training and website possible!

KB Gold: Our " Gold Card"

  1. ·         KB Edelmetall AG is a 16 year old financial institution based in Munich, Germany.
  2. ·         KB owns their goldmine, refinery, and production facility.
  3. ·         KB gold is available in denomination weights of 0.5, 1.0, 2.5 and 5.0 gram bullions.
  4. ·         KB gold bullions are called ‘Green Gold Bars’ as they are processed and produced without the use of chemicals.
  5. ·         KB is debt free and everything on their balance sheet is paid for, their mine, mining rights, refinery, machines, equipment and even their company cars.
  6. ·         They are a member of the BDS (Bund der Sparer) which is a government run consumer watchdog group who shows KB in good standing. In fact, KB and their precious metal purchase plan is actually recommended by the BDS.
  7. ·         KB possesses proprietary "patent pending" extraction technology that enables it to pull gold bullion from other refineries waste (tailings). They are the only company in the world that has this feature.
  8. ·         KB is the first and only refinery in the world that produces "Green Gold" meaning no toxic chemicals are used in their process making them environmentally friendly.
  9. ·         There are 95 gold refineries in the world and 89 are either owned or controlled by the government. Kb is one of the remaining 6.
  10. ·         Your local authorities "DO NOT" have access to your gold in Switzerland and your purchase will not be registered outside Switzerland (unlike gold purchases made through a bank or the internet). This is important because in times of crisis governments have been known to seize assets in exceptional situations.
  11. ·         The globally recognized hologram and serial number certificate guarantee that the contents are genuine. KB's bullion is certified by the Swiss NOT the United States Government.
  12. ·         KB does not nickel & dime their members and for that reason there are no membership fees, website fees, kits to purchase, admin. Fees, monthly or yearly renewal fees, set up fees, and no auto ships.
  13. ·         Compare the paper dollar vs gold: In 1913 - $1 bought you 20 loaves of bread and in 2010 that same $1 bought you 3/4 of a loaf of bread. Yet, on the other hand, a gram of gold in 1913 bought you 13 loaves of bread and in 2010 the same gram of gold bought you 31 loaves of bread. "Which do you want?      

KB Gold Franchise - Free To Join... Why?

Next Step, Is call or text: A Gold Accountant to enroll in your free gold back saving account:
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