Thursday, June 30, 2011

When Unemployment Runs Out

The official U.S. unemployment rate rose during the month of May to 9.1%, from 9% in April, with only 54,000 non-farm jobs being created for the month. The real unemployment rate including short and long-term discouraged workers is now 22.3%. (National Inflation Association, June 6 2010).  More people are finding themselves in situations they never dreamed they would ever be in; some have lost their jobs and others have found themselves struggling as low-income earners. Unfortunately, very many of us are finding ourselves at the end of our financial rope. What then can we do? (DOYLE, 2009). Workers are starting to run out of the extended benefits provided by the stimulus plan. Christine L. Owens, executive director of the National Employment Law Project says, "Starting this month, significant numbers of workers will reach the end of these extensions, with the numbers growing significantly in August and September to many hundreds of thousands." (Doyle, 2011).

The 99'ers -- What to Do When Unemployment Runs Out

Continue working with your employment agency. Now is not the time to give up. While you may not be collecting benefits your state employment agency can still give you lots of help in finding a job. Take advantage of the resources that are offered as many employment agencies offer free classes in interviewing, resume writing and even finding that hidden job. While it may take longer than the benefits remember your ultimate goal is still to find a job and get back to work.

The 99'ers -- What to Do When Unemployment Runs Out

From Hub Pages does give some good advice on what to do when your unemployment runs out. (Kentent, 2011).
Check out community resources. Many communities have resources available for unemployed workers who are struggling to pay rent/mortgage, utilities and even buy food. While it can be discouraging to have to take advantage of these programs many unemployed workers find them helpful in bridging the gap until they can find employment. Most programs have income and asset requirements but can be helpful should you be facing losing your home or having your utilities turned off. In addition since many people find themselves without health insurance the cost of prescriptions becomes prohibitive. There are programs that can help defray the cost or even provide free prescriptions. Check online to see what programs are available in your area. Also many major retailers are offering discount prescriptions on many common medications. Talk to your local pharmacist as to whether one of these programs can help you. While it can be difficult to turn to these programs many workers have returned later to pay it forward in volunteer help or donations after they have found a job and want to help others.
Generate some cash flow. Unemployed workers all over the country are turning to their attics and closets in order to generate some cash. While no one advocates selling Grandma's heirlooms there may be other things in your home that could give your bottom line a boost simply by selling them. Financial experts advise however that before selling anything that you do your research to determine what the best price you can get is and the best venue for you to sell it in. Online sites can be helpful in many situations but certain items will do better if advertised locally where buyers can meet face to face. Keep in mind that while you may place little value on a particular item it just might be exactly what someone is looking for and more importantly willing to pay top dollar for.
Think outside the box. If you are an unemployed worker who is facing the end of benefits you may need to think outside of the box to generate some cash flow. Consider starting a home business, taking surveys online, or even processing emails until you find that job you really want. In the meantime if you use your creativity and find ways to generate income you may just stumble across that job without even really trying. Unemployed workers who have become babysitters, dog walkers and lawnmowers have on to find great jobs in child care, animal care and gardening not even known that's where they wanted to work after all. Consider free-lancing if you have a skill that people are willing to pay for. Many successful businesses have been started by people just trying to raise some cash by freelancing. Be sure to research and see what the going rate in your area is so that you can be paid fairly for your work. Generate some business cards, make some contacts and you may find yourself with more business than you can handle.
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