Thursday, May 26, 2011

Solar Cooking

A stove powered by the sun is making a big difference in impoverished countries
Building a solar oven can be used for cooking food and they are incredibly easy and cheap to make. There are a variety of designs and materials a solar oven can use but they all rely on the following concepts:
·         Concentration of sunlight; Reflective materials are used to concentrate the light.
·         Conversion of light to heat; Black cookware will absorb more light resulting in more heat.
·         Trapping heat; Covering the cookware with a transparent material will allow light to come in, convert to heat, and then stay trapped.

Using all three of these concepts together will produce the best results in a solar oven. Now let’s discuss how to construct and use a solar oven.
Any reflective material can be used to create a solar oven. One of the most common is aluminum foil. On the right you will see one made from a car windshield reflector. You will want to create a 1/4 sphere that focuses light onto your cookware. Another common material is cardboard which can be used to shape your “reflection disk” then attach aluminum foil or mylar.
Once you have your “reflection disk” created you will need something to cook in. As mentioned above black cookware will work the best. Your solar oven can reach temperatures as high 300 degrees F so you will want to seal up your solar oven cookware with an oven bag or glass lid. Using a plastic bag or other material runs the risk of melting or off gassing. Your solar oven can be used to cook anything that a normal oven can. You will just have to leave it cooking longer.
Time varies greatly depending on how much sunlight you are receiving, what you’re cooking, how well designed the oven is, and other factors. Simply check on your food visually to determine when it’s done but do not open the oven bag or remove the lid as you’ll let out the heat.

SOLAR COOKING 46" Parabolic Mirror Solar Stove Solar Oven from Green Power Science

This solar stove took about 10 minutes to throw together and we actually use this on almost every sunny day. It can cook frozen chicken, or turkey burger meat in less than 20 minutes. This is a much safer method of cooking than the Fresnel lens

1 MINUTE GRILLED CHEESE SOLAR COOKING Parabolic Mirror Star Powered Grill


Solar Cooking a Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Denise Rojas from 

All you need is patience and you can enjoy renewable, free energy for cooking almost anything.
For more information go to:  Green Power Science  Web-Site -
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