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Tips on Increase your Energy

As many lifestyles continue to get busier at a breakneck pace, people often wonder how they can increase their energy level. Generally, this just means drinking another cup of coffee, but there's so much more that you can do the natural way.

Practice deep breathing
Breathing increases your energy level in two ways. The first is by adding oxygen into your blood system. The second is it calms stress. Simply taking slow deep breaths through your nose several times a day will help.

We all know that sleep is essential to energy, but are you getting the best rest possible? Take these steps to make sure.
Sleep according to the sun: Sleep hormones are linked to natural light exposure, so you'll get better rest if you do most of your sleeping when the sun is down.
Establish a sleep ritual: Improve the quality of your sleep with a ritual such as book-reading before going to bed, and you'll enjoy more energy in your waking hours.
Wake up without an alarm clock: Go to sleep early enough so that your body can wake up naturally when you've gotten enough sleep.
Turn off the lights: Keep your bedroom as dark as possible to ensure your sleep hormones stay on track.
Avoid alcohol before bed: Alcohol may put you to sleep, but it makes for a lesser quality rest
Kick your animals out of bed: Pets can hog the bed, make noise, and otherwise disturb your sleep, so you're better off giving them their own separate place for rest.

Daily habits can be a leech on your energy, so take these steps to change your habits for the better.
Turn on the lights: When you wake up in the morning, turn on all of the lights to trick your body out of bed.
Don't smoke: Smoking deprives you of oxygen, which is necessary for energy.
Avoid late night TV: The light emitted from your TV and computer can confuse your hormones by telling them it's still daytime.
Always eat breakfast: Breakfast will give your body the fuel jump start that it needs.
Act like you have energy: Trick yourself into feeling more energetic by moving faster, like pacing while you talk on the phone or putting more energy into your voice.
Practice altruism: By doing good work, you'll help your energy with enhanced happiness, satisfaction, and health
Stay organized: Avoid losing energy by keeping everything in its systematic place.
Keep a manageable, even pace: Manage your time and energy more efficiently to avoid burnout.
Schedule down time: Regularly give yourself time to recharge and relax.
Take up a hobby: Make a habit of nurturing a hobby, and you'll always have something energizing to look forward to.

These strategies will help you clear your mind and improve your energy.
Have something to look forward to: Having something to look forward to is a great motivator.
Start your day with active work: Get started with something that requires you to use your brainpower instead of doing passive activities that will allow you to stay drowsy.
Wear something nice: Put on something you love to shake off the blahs.
Avoid energy "vampires": Energy vampires always have something to complain about, or a problem that needs to be fixed, and they'll drain your energy by making you listen to them about their problems or by giving them attention.
Talk to an energetic friend: Gain energy by interacting with an upbeat friend.
Practice visualization: Try imagining a place or feeling that gives you energy, even if you can't experience it at the moment.
Practice meditation: Get your worries off your back for a while, and you'll come back more refreshed.
Discuss something that interests you: Get your mind firing on all cylinders by talking about something you feel passionate about.
Let it out: Find an outlet for your feelings so that they can't drain your emotional energy.
Eliminate worry: Get the monkey off your back by taking action, making decisions, and dealing with problems right away.
Get things done: Do you have a task that's weighing heavily on your mind? Just do it, and get the monkey off your back.
Let loose: Schedule time for leisure so that you'll have an emotional outlet

Take on these exercise strategies for lots of added energy.
Exercise in the morning: Shake off sleepiness and snap out of your grogginess with a bit of exercise in the morning.
Exercise on a gradual, steady basis: Ease into exercise, and then keep it up. You should aim to be active for 20 to 30 minutes each day.
Find the right balance of exercise: Don't exercise too much or too little-either way can cause you to lose energy.
Stretch: Maintain a good blow flow to your brain and the rest of your body by practicing stretches daily.
Go for a walk after lunch: Shake off post-lunch sluggishness with a short energy boosting walk
Play a competitive sport: By playing a sport that requires thought, you'll spark your mental energy.

Follow these tips to make sure you're getting the proper fuel for your energy
Eat smaller meals more often: By eating smaller, more frequent meals, you'll avoid the groggy feeling that comes with eating large meals.
Eat your largest meal at lunch: Instead of eating a large meal for dinner, do it at lunch while your digestion is more active.
Eat "brain food": Eat healthy fats like those found in fish and green, leafy vegetables to increase your brain power and energy.
Eat lots of fiber: Fiber's time-release effect will help give you sustained energy.
Eat more protein: Protein offers a great way to combat fatigue.
Eat whole grains: Whole grains have complex carbohydrates that take a while to break down, providing you with energy that lasts.
Eat a snack if necessary: Keep your blood sugar levels consistent with snacks throughout the day.

Increase your iron intake: An iron deficiency can cause chronic fatigue, so make sure you're getting enough.
Drink enough water: Don't leave your body dehydrated-drink enough water so that your body doesn't need to conserve resources and zap your energy.
Drink juice: Energy from juice separated from the pulp has been found to provide lots of energy.
Decrease sugar consumption: Sugar will cause fluctuations in energy that can leave you feeling burnt out.
Cut down on coffee: Although coffee can give you a rush of energy, in the end it will cause fatigue. Coffee does not have to be eliminated, but you probably shouldn't drink more than one cup a day.

Make these small changes in your environment to improve your energy level.
Go outside: Take advantage of sunshine and fresh air for some energy.
Clean up: Clear your clutter both physically and emotionally, and you'll feel better.
Listen to energetic music: Find music that motivates you and wakes you up for an energy boost.
Listen to classical music: Classical music will stimulate your mind while relaxing you at the same time.

Take these steps to make sure you're in top-notch health for lots of energy.
Take supplements if necessary: If you don't get enough vitamins, consider taking supplements to cover deficiencies.
Try yoga: Yoga poses like the Breath of Fire can energize your body.
Lose weight: Carrying around extra weight takes a toll on your body and energy, so take off a few pounds to get more energy.
Get a massage: A massage will help stimulate blood flow and relieve tension. You might even catch a refreshing nap at the same time.
Check for allergies: Decreased energy levels could be due to an intolerance or allergy, so try eliminating a specific food for a few weeks to see if you have any improvement, or see a doctor for a full allergy screening.
Ask your doctor about fatigue: Low energy can be brought on by a number of different conditions, like iron imbalances and low thyroid function.

These are just a few more helpful strategies for increasing your energy level.
Give up on pleasing people: Don't spend your time and energy making others happy-do what you want to do.
Go with the flow: Accept that you're not always going to feel your best, and learn to take advantage of the times when your energy is higher. 

A great way to refresh your energy levels in the afternoon is to do a 10-minute stretching session. Stretch your legs, toes, torso, arms, hands, shoulders and neck with gentle movements. 

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