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Food Is a Natural Right - Say No To Government and Corporation Control

"If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny." ~Thomas Jefferson

Right now our government, through the FDA, is taking away our right to drink whole raw milk while supporting the sale of toxic foods and drugs that knowingly kill and injure thousands. Between the FDA and the EPA farmers are being driven out of business, and soon the government will have control of our food supply. What do you think will happen to our country, our freedoms, and our health at that point? Enough is enough!

The "food safety" bills in Congress were written by Monsanto, Cargill, Tysons, ADM, etc.  All are associated with the opposite of food safety.  What is this all about then?

In the simplest terms, organic food and a rebirth of farming were winning. Not in absolute numbers but in a deep and growing shift by the public toward understanding the connection between their food and their health, between good food and true social pleasures, between their own involvement in food and the improvement in their lives in general, between local food and a burgeoning local economy. (Cohen-Cole, 2009).

Farmageddon Trailer 

“Farmageddon exposes the battle over food rights in America. Farmers and consumers start food co-ops and buying clubs or homesteads, and then are shut down by the government in the name of food safety.”

The outbreaks of food borne illnesses in recent years, the salmonella in peanut butter and E. coli in bagged spinach have led to concerns about the way the FDA has been enforcing its food safety regulations. Each of those outbreaks has been traced to a factory farm or large processing plants but small farmers who have had little connection to them are bearing the brunt of government raids, searches and product confiscation.

It is another story of government being in bed with big business, this time making our food unsafe in the process. Three people try to explain why the government is turning a blind eye to the large corporations that are making us sick while raiding small farms and food co-ops to address problems that don't even exist

Farmageddon - Kristen Canty - Liberation Wellness Hour

America! The reason we have the freedoms we have is the Constitution, and now it is under attack more than ever. People call it outdated and irrelevant. They say we must be progressive and change the meanings of the original founders’ intent; after all, they did not know about all these modern problems. Wake up! The Constitution does not have to answer questions about modern issues despite what recent magazine articles and corrupt, ignorant, elected officials might say. The Constitution was designed to deal with one problem that is as old as man himself: the unholy desire of one man to rule over another. Our Constitution was designed to limit the power of government so we could be free to rule our own lives.

Food Is a Natural Right - Say No To Government and Corporation Control 

What makes some laws worth obeying, while others demand to be overturned? In Part 4, Bill examines the difference between Natural Law and Political Law.

What is a natural right? Natural rights are those rights that people have just because they are human. They are natural to mankind and should not be violated by the government. So, things like freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom from cruel and unusual punishment were judged by the Founding Fathers, to be natural rights that the government could not violate. 

The Bill of Rights is the First Ten Amendments to the US Constitution, which were passed all at once by the First United States Congress in 1791. These Amendments are a very important part of the Constitution that protect American citizens from having certain rights taken away by the government, including freedom of religion, freedom to bear arms and the right to trial by jury. (Revolutionary War and Beyond , 2008-2011)

It is time to say, “No!” to every aspect of large, invasive, intrusive, controlling government. End the foolishness or it will end us. Now, have a glass of whole milk; it will sooth your burning stomach as you read the Constitution for yourself and discover how far from freedom Washington has taken us!

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