Sunday, November 22, 2009

Federal Tax Credit and Rebates

The concept of "Going Green" has become a popular symbol to which companies can attach products, but what does it actually mean? Going Green involves adapting your lifestyle to better facilitate both personal health & amp; well-being, as well as the overall health of the planet.

There are FederalTax Credit and Rebates you may be entitled to. Many homeowners are not aware of these programs that will help them become more energy efficient. People Natural Living shows the information and links to help you to become more energy independent. Because, it just make sense when you use less electric you will reduce your electric bill and put more money back into your pocket.

Pursuant to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and the Florida Renewable Energy Technologies/Energy Efficiency Act, Passed the Florida Legislature in 2006, you as a homeowner are entitled to for following benefits:

30% Federal Income Tax (Unlimited) Expires Dec.31s
Up to $20,000 in State rebate (Cash) per residential
25- 40% Reduction in your monthly Utility Bills

These invectives are entitled to homeowners who participate in local energy conservation programs that comply with the requirements of both Recovery Act and the Renewable Act. These programs have specifics goal:

Reducing the electrical load on your local power company. By assessing your household's energy consumption and making the recommended adjustments, the program seek to reduce electrical consumption by 30% per qualified household.

Reducing consumer electrical bills anywhere from 25%-40%. For example, if your average monthly electrical bill is $200.00, the programs seeks to save your household from $50.00 monthly in electrical cost(s).

To qualify, you must be a homeowner in the State of Florida and have a minimum monthly average electrical bill of $150. If you from other state go to DSIRE USA it tells you about rebates and credits that are entitled to. If you qualify, please call your local program provider or e-mail People's Natural Living for a list of your local program provider

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