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U.S. Embassy Armenia

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Government: Presidential republic

President: Serzh Sargsyan

Prime Minister: Tigran Sargsyan

Speaker: Hovik Abrahamyan

Official languages: Armenian

Time zone: UTC (UTC+4) Summer (DST) DST (UTC+5)

Currency: Dram

Armenia is located between Europe and Asia in a region known as the Transcaucasus.

North of Armenia is Georgia. To the South is Iran.

To the East and Southwest is Azerbaijan, and to the West, Turkey.

Mount Ararat is the place where it is said Noah's Ark came to rest.

Spring and autumn are the best times to visit, although most visitors come in the summer out of convenience.

Much of Armenia is only green in the spring, while the short fall display is beautiful in forested places like Dilijan, Jermuk, and much of Karabakh.

Some visitors can't get enough of Armenia's countless ancient monasteries.

Armenian Craft Museum , with its unique examples of silver and German silver jewellery, woodwork, carpets, earthenware and embossed goods.

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