Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Pyramid Scheme

“Is this a pyramid?

I really like this question. I have more fun with it than almost anything else. The pyramid structure is foundation of every major corporation in America. Can you name me one corporation that is not structured like a pyramid? How about the back of U.S. dollar bill? I find that all legal question stem from misunderstood rumors. I take them head on, and have a little fun with them.

America’s Big Banks 

America’s banking system resembles a pyramid. At the top, two or three firms are doing well. But beneath them are a handful of giant conglomerates that are struggling towards profits, a tier of middling banks with overexposure to risky assets, and a vast base of small banks in deep, deep trouble.

In a video exploration of the bank bailouts, two cute creatures decide the bank bailouts amount to "the screwing of the American people the world economy.


Network Marketing vs Corporate America

         Corporate America is more like a pyramid scheme than network marketing.  Each company has a CEO, President, Vice – Presidents, Middle Management, Sales Force, and Hourly Employees.  Everybody knows that the CEO is going to make the most money and the salaries decrease as you go down the totem pole.  The only way to get paid more is to play office politics in order to get into upper management.  You may also have to pray that someone retires or gets fired in order for you to get promoted.  The funny is that some people feel that this is normal and okay.  How is this any less pyramid than network marketing? All people in the company work hard. Only those at the very top have "permission" to make a lot of money.

On the other hand, in network marketing the basic idea is that it will be of great benefit to everyone involved to help people who are new reach the top. In fact the whole business idea hinges on this idea – the only way to become really successful in the long term is to help others. Of course there will always be a mathematical limit to how large a network can become, but with today's global marketplace, and a suitable compensation plan, there is usually plenty of room for everybody.
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Federal Trade Commission Protecting America’s Consumer

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