Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Free Advertising

Take advantage of this high traffic resource for FREE. Post your free classified ad and will help you increase your website traffic. 

Marketing Tips To Avoid 
No posting the same message in ALL the categories. No excessive posting,
No copying other members ads,No links to inappropriate sites,. No ads for Adult, Porn, Offensive, Warez, Trojan Horse, Phishing.,No promotions involving unlicensed use of materials protected by copyright or trademark law.,No slanderous comments, No multiple usernames per person/organization.

Down below are some Free Ads that I use  just click the blue words. 

Then just follow directions.
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Powerful Words To Use

Be Creative! Be Difference ! 
Be yourself do what ads get you!

Ability Absorbing Absorbs Acclaimed Accuracy Achieve Achievements Act Activated Active Add Adrenaline Advanced Advances Advantage Advice Affects Affordable After Agility Agree Alternative Always Amazing Ambitions Amplify Answer Armed Arsenal Art Assertive Attack Available Award Awesome

Balanced Banish Be Beautiful Beauty Before Benefits Best Beyond Biggest Blackout BlazeBlowout Bold Boost Breakthrough Breath Brilliant Build Buster

Can Charged Charming Choice Cleanse Closely Collection Comfortable Compare Compelling Complete Completely Constant Control Convenience Cool Correct Coupon Crank Create Crisp Cure

Dangerous Dazzling Dedicated Delicate Delicious Delivers Deluxe Demonstrated Dependable Deserve Desire Detail Dimension Discover Dominating Don't Double Dramatic Dual 

Easily Easy Effect Efficiency Efficiently Electricity Electrify Eliminate Eliminates Energetic Energetically Energy Enhance Enhancer Enjoy Enlighten Entertain Entire Escape Eternal Eventually Exactly Exceptional Exceptionally Exciting Exclusive Expand Expansion Expert Expertise Explode Extend Extraordinary Extra-strength Extremely

Face Fact Fast Favorite Fearless Feeling Fighter Fighting Fights Finally Fingertips First Flash Flawless Fleeting Flexible Flock Fly Formula Formulated Fragrance Free Freebies Fresh Fun Future 

Gain Gently Genuine Get Gift Give Great Growth Guarantee Guarantees

Happy Have Hazard Healing Healthy Help Helpful Highest Highly Hit Hot Hottest How to Huge Hundreds

Imagine Improve Improves Income Incredible Indulge Ingredient Inject Inquisitive Insight Inspiration Inspire Instantly Introduce Irresistible

Jump Just
 Know Knowledge 

Large Lasting Launch Lead Leap Less Lifetime Lift Lighten Lightning Loaded Long Longer Look Love Lowest Luscious

Magic Major Maneuvers Massive Master Maximum Mere Millions Minutes Miracle Miss Modern Moment Money Monitor Mood Mostly Motivated

Natural Need Never New News Now

Offer Official Opportunity Optimal Outstanding Overcome Overwhelm Own

Passionate Passionately Penetrate Perfect Perfectly Performance Permanent Personal Pile Plummet Plus Portray Potential Powerful Precious Precise Preferred Prevent Pro Production Professional Promise Propel Protect Proud Proven Pump

Quadruple Quality Quick Quickly

Rapid Rated Realize Recommend Reconnecting Reduce Re-Energize Refreshing Relax Release Reliable Relief Remarkable Reminder Removes Resist Resource Response Restore Results Revealed Revitalized Revive Revolutionary Rev-up Reward Rewarding Right

Safe Safety Sale Sample Satisfaction Save Scientifically Scoop Sealing Seconds Secret Secure Security Selectively Sensational Sensitive Sensual Serious Service Sheer Shock Signal Simply Single Sizzle Sky Rocket Slashed Smart Smarter Smashing Smooth Snip Solution Solve Sophisticated Sound Special Specialist Specifically Speed Spellbound Spirits Spring Stability Stay Steal Strategic Strategies Strike Stronger Stunning Successful Suddenly Super Supreme Surge Surprise Swamped Swarm Sweet

Technique Techniques Terrific Test Thoroughly Thousands Thrill Thrilling Tighten Time Time saving Tips Today Tons Top Track Trendy Trial Triple Try Twist

Ultimate Ultra Unique Unlimited Unlock Untouched Unwanted Use
Valuable Value Visit Vital Volumes
Whole Wild Win Winner With Wonderful Worked Worth

Powerful Words To Avoid
Bad Busy Buy
Cannot Causes Clause Contract Controversial Cost Costly
Deal Dealer Death Decision Difficult
Fail Failure Fear
Liability Loss
Obligation Ordinary
Past Pay
Sell Sneaky
Taxes Tedious Tiresome
Weight Work Worry Wrong

These Free Ads are great when you are starting out in a business. As you build up your income then you can start think about paid Ads. Which, will create more traffic to you! But, Get your web-site out as much as you can for free and get income coming first.
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