Saturday, January 2, 2010

Fast Day 2

Start today off good! Felt Good But, as the day went on I've started have low energy!

I had a lot of hunger pains today and felt tried! Started have the shakes!

I was just cold today because it is cold here in Florida.

I'm one who does not handle the cold weather very well that the main reason I've move from Ohio is to get away from the cold.

That why I did not go out for a walk today!

This week in Florida is going cold so I get a lot of my blogs done!

I worked on my blogs most of day I got 15 State Done!

I've end up taking a nap around 1:00 PM to 3:47 PM

Now, It 9:15 PM and I'm getting a bad taste in my mouth and chest is start to ache!

Getting tried I'm going watch a little T.V. And get up and do some stretching and meditating.

This about it for today. I've post the next blog tomorrow about 3rd Day of Fasting

The First 3 Days is the hardest and It is true.

This Article was by Michelle At People's Natural Living

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