Monday, January 4, 2010

Fasting Day 3

I'm actually writing this blog on December 4th at 7:24 am.

Yesterday, was my 3rd of fasting. I was told the 3rd day of fasting is the hardest.

From my experience yesterday I will have to agree with it.

I got up yesterday morning and was really hungy plus, I had a really bad headache.

Then I was just cold and I could not warm myself up! I was just feeling sick because I was detoxing. My tongue is very white coated and I end up brushing my teeth often.

I did one blog and I answered all my e-mails.

Next, Thing I did was I went back to bed and I slept to about 9:00pm. When I woke up I still had a headache,feeling weak and just tried.

My headache did not go away till about 3:00am this morning. I got up at 4:00am feeling a lot better then yesterday. So, far I have no hunger pains.

My energy level seem to be up and I feel like I can get all my stuff done today.

That is how my yesterday went.

I will get back and write about Day 4 and how today went.

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