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U.S. Embassy Jamaica

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Government: Parliamentary democracy and Constitutional monarchy

Monarch: Queen Elizabeth II

Governor-General: Patrick Allen

Prime Minister: Bruce Golding

Official languages: English

Time zone: (UTC-5)

Currency: Jamaican dollar

Jamaica is a beautiful island in the Caribbean and is sunny all year round

Jamaica's most famous tourist attraction is Ocho Rios.

Climb up the Dunn's River Falls.

Blue Mountain Peak is 7402 feet high.

It is known as the "Little Jewel in the Caribbean".Jamaica has 120 lakes and rivers.

Jamaica has the second largest butterfly in the world? (The Giant Swallowtail).

Hilarious Jamaican Commercial

Apart from the United States, Jamaica has won the most world and Olympic medals.

Tessa Sanderson was the first British black woman to win an Olympic Gold medal. She won the gold medal at the 1984 Olympics in the javelin competition.

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