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U.S. Embassy Laos

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Government: Socialist republic , Single-party communist state

President: Lt. Gen. Choummaly Sayasone

Vice President: Bounnhang Vorachith

Prime Minister: Bouasone Bouphavanh

President of National Assembly: Thongsing Thammavong

President of the People's Supreme Court: Khammi Sayavong

Official languages: Lao

Time zone: (UTC+7)

Currency: Kip

Buddhism plays an important role in the life of the Lao people and has given them a deserved reputation for friendliness, gentleness, kindness, gaiety and wisdom.

Wat Sisaket had over 6,000 other Budda images.

Laos experiences a tropical monsoon climate with humid conditions and high temperatures throughout the dry summer season and lower temps during the rainy sea

Laos is one of the few places on the planet where much of the forests, covering around 80% of the country, has remained unexplored and wildlife has thrived – including some animals written off as extinct.

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