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United Kingdom

United Kingdom

U.S. Embassy United Kingdom

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Government: Parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy

Monarch Queen Elizabeth II

Prime Minister Gordon Brown MP

Official languages: English

Time zone:: GMT (UTC+0) Summer (DST) BST (UTC+1)

Currency: Pound sterling
Stonehenge Monument

The Windsor castle is the oldest royal residence in the world still in use. It is also the largest.

The world's oldest public zoo was opened in London in 1828.

London has over 6000 restaurants

The English love their tea. English people consume more tea per capita than anybody else in the world (2.5 times more than the Japanese and 22 times more than the Americans or the French).

2012 London Olympic

The world's first modern Olympic Games were not held in Athens in 1896, but in the small town of Much Wenlock (Shropshire) in 1850, which inspired French Baron Pierre Coubertin to launch the Athens Olympics half a century later.

It is in England that the first postage stamps appeared. The first Penny Post was invented by entrepreneur William Dockwra in the 1680's for delivery of packets within London.

The national anthem of the United States ("The Star-Spangled Banner") was composed by an Englishman, John Stafford Smith (1750-1836) from Gloucester.

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