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U.S. Embassy Angola

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Government: Presidential republic

President: José Eduardo dos Santos

Official languages: Portuguese

Time zone: WAT (UTC+1)

Currency: Kwanza

Angola is a country in Central Africa.

The people of Angola are stoics.

Angola's busy capital is an expensive but interesting place to visit.

Mussulo Island is a beautiful extension of land situated in the south of Luanda.

Kissama is a vast and remarkable wildlife park.

South of Luanda lie some of Angola's best beaches and a tour should include the laid-back city of Benguela itself.

Angola's largest national park bordering the Atlantic ocean with gorgeous desert dunes, plenty of bird life and slowly recovering its larger mammals after some serious poaching during the war.

Avoiding the rains is key to visiting Angola, best time to visit the north is May to October, the south is best from July to September (when it's cooler).

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