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U.S. Embassy Bangladesh

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Government: Parliamentary Republic

President: Zillur Rahman

Prime Minister: Sheikh Hasina Wazed

Speaker: Ad.Abdul Hamid

Official language: Bengali

Time zone: BST (UTC+6) Summer (DST) BDST (UTC+7)

Currency: Taka

Southern Asia, bordering the Bay of Bengal, between Burma and India

Bangladesh means the land of the Bengalis.

The Mughal Empire was an important Islamic Empire. Shah Jehan is probably the most well known Mughal Emperor, famous for building India's beautiful Taj Mahal.

Bangladesh has one of the largest coastal mangrove forests in the world; it forms part of the Sundarbans National Park, a World Heritage site.

Cyclones are a natural hazard in Bangladesh.

Cyclone shelters are crucial to saving lives; they need to be easy to reach and centrally located as there is not much time to get to a shelter once a cyclone begins.

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