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U.S. Embassy Belize

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Government: Parliamentary Democracy and Constitutional Monarchy

Monarch: Elizabeth II

Governor: General Sir Colville Young

Prime Minister: Dean Barrow

Official language: English

Time zone: Central Time (UTC-6)

Currency: Belize Dollar

Belize lies on the eastern coastline of Central America, and is bordered by Mexico to the north, Guatemala to the west and south, and by the Caribbean Sea to the east.

Belize has river kayaking, sea kayaking, snorkelling, and hiking

Belize jungle, discovering pyramids and lost cities of the Maya.

Belize lifestyle of delicious seafood, music, laughter, lounging amid the breathtaking beauty of Belize Caribbean sunsets, crystal waters and living jungle.

People who dream of traveling the world. Traveling can be a wonderful, mind-opening experience.

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