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Cape Verde

Cape Verde

U.S. Embassy Cape Verde

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Government: Republic

President: Pedro Pires

Prime Minister: José Maria Neves

Official languages: Portuguese

Time zone: CVT (UTC-1)

Currency: Cape Verdean Escudo

Cape Verde is an island country, spanning an archipelago located in the Macaronesia Eco region of the Central Atlantic Ocean, off the western coast of Africa, opposite Mauritania and Senegal.

Trekking is very popular around Cape Verde due to the diverse and varying landscapes found on each island.

Cape Verde because of the tropical waters, which are home to canyons, caves, a variety of marine life, and shipwrecks are also dotted around the islands.

Cape Verde is considered to have almost ideal conditions for wind farms, an experimental facility has been built on the island of Sao Vicente.

Cape Verde is famous for sultry morna folk music, but its inhabitants also like to dance to faster samba and tango rhythms.

Cape Verdean's love dancing, and you're sure to pick up some special moves from the locals.

Santa Maria has some of the best windsurfing waters in the world. There is a windsurfing centre located on the beach where you can get lessons.

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