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U.S. Embassy Dominica

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Government: Parliamentary Republic

President: Nicholas Liverpool

Prime Minister: Roosevelt Skerrit

Official languages: English, French, Antillean Creole

Time zone: (UTC–4)

Currency: East Caribbean Dollar

Dominica is about 1,500 miles southeast of Miami and 1,763 miles east of Honduras, Central America.

The Caribbean Sea is to the west.

Dominica is the largest and most mountainous of the Windward Islands, with volcanic peaks, mountain streams and rivers, dense forests, quiet lakes, waterfalls, geysers and boiling volcanic pools.

Morne Trois Pitons National Park is a tropical rainforest with volcanic features that was recognized as a World Heritage Site on April 4, 1995.

Jaú National Park is located in Brazil, Río Platano Biosphere Reserve is in Honduras, and Canaima National Park is located in Venezuela.

Dominica's national bird is one of the several species of exotic birds that can be found in the tiny island of Dominica. This exotic bird is one of largest parrots on the planet.

The Sisserou parrot is indigenous to Dominica's mountains and is featured on the country's flag.

The second Pirates film, "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" and the third film "At World's End" all had major scenes filmed in Dominica.

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