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How to start a fasting

Make an appointment with your primary-care physician before you start a fasting diet, regardless of the length of the fast.

Begin by preparing your mind, heart, spirit, and body. It is important to have a clear purpose for fasting and what you hope to gain from your fast.

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Decide what kind of fast you want to start. Choose from a juice, water or raw-food fast.

Once you've decided, stick to it (most people would recommend juice fasts).

For a water fast, drink around 7 glasses of clear water per day.

For juice fasts, drink the same amount of fruit or vegetable juice.

A Raw food diet is based on eating whole, live, nutritionally-dense organic uncooked and un-processed raw-vegetables.

Plan out your daily activities for each day. It is important to schedule plenty of time to rest and take naps throughout the day as your body may not have enough energy to complete all of the tasks it would in a normal day.
Start out Slow and Build up

Start with a single-day fast. This will give you an idea on how Fasting feels like.

A one-day fast is supposed to make you feel that Fasting is not hard at all, that you can go on for a longer period of time.

Then try to go for a series of 3-day fasts with 1 day of light food in between them. Eventually, you'll be able to go on to 5-day fasts or even longer.

The first 2 or 3 days of the longer fasts are the most difficult.

People who fast usually experience headaches, vomiting, and even an increase in irritability in the beginning.

Only after about 3 days of Fasting will you begin to see its benefits: increased mental energy, enhanced concentration.

Is Fasting good or bad for you?

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