Saturday, January 2, 2010


North! To Alaska

Alaska has been called America's Last Frontier.

The four-spot skimmer dragonfly is the official state insect.

The jade is the official state gemstone.

Gold is the official state mineral. It was named the state mineral in 1968.

The discovery of gold in the Yukon began a gold rush in 1898. Later gold was discovered at Nome and Fairbanks.

In 1915 the record high temperature in Alaska was 100 degrees Fahrenheit at Fort Yukon; the record low temperature was -80 degrees Fahrenheit at Prospect Creek Camp in 1971.

Alaska is the United State's largest state and is over twice the size of Texas. Measuring from north to south the state is approximately 1,400 miles long and measuring from east to west it is 2,700 miles wide.

The Alaska Range is the largest mountain chain in the state. It covers from the Alaska Peninsula to the Yukon Territory.

The Tongass National Forest is the largest national forest in the United States.

The fishing and seafood industry is the state's largest private industry employer.

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