Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fasting Day 4

Once again I writing this update on January 5,2010.

I started yesterday off feeling good ! I got 9 blogs done and I did some spring cleaning.

I did my yoga and meditation for the day.

Then about 1:00 I got the shakes and my back was starting to hurt.

It seem I do well in the mornings feeling well when I get up! So, I try to get all the stuff I need to get done 1st thing.

I took a small nap at 1PM to 2:30 PM. Got up and worked on my blogs Ti l about 6:30.

I've went to bed about 7PM and I slept all the way Ti l 4AM once again when I got up I felt good.

Yesterday! I had no hunger pain ! Now, I feel a little more at peace with myself.

I'm starting to understand that phenomenal that happens when you fast.

Is Fasting good or bad for you?

This Article was by Michelle At People's Natural Living

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