Monday, January 11, 2010

Fasting Day 7,8,9,10

The Last four days I've just been keeping warm. It has been snowing down here in Florida and a lot of ice. Florida has broken the record for the longest cold spell!

I thought about going out and buying an Electric heater for my side of the house. But, the weather is going warm up this coming Wednesday 13th. So, I decide just to deal with the cold weather till then.

My fasting is going OK ! I notice I've been resting a lot. I notices a lot of changes in my skin complexion, Also, notice my inches have gone from my waist, I still get surges of energy from time to time.

On a daily base I do meditate and do my yoga and that is all the exercise I've been getting. Ti l the weather warm ups and I'll will get out there and do some walking. I know I sure am getting tried of being the house. I'm one who likes to be on the go and do things.

Even that I'm an on line marketer I've still like to take a break from the computer and do something other then look at the computer screen and becoming brain dead.

I think some time in February I going to get a web-cam and start doing video's. Video's are such the in thing right now.

Fasting is not so bad I all in the mindset and the way you think. I think if anyone who does fast need to get away and be by themselves without T.V and people. I notice on my fast I think and dream very clear and just so focused on my future and I see things. All positive thoughts and feeling so such in control of my life. That make me feel so powerful.

This is about it for these for days ! Ti l Next time.

Is Fasting good or bad for you?

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