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U.S. Embassy Aruba

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Government: Constitutional monarchy

Monarch: Queen Beatrix

Governor: Fredis Refunjol

Prime Minister: Mike Eman

Deputy Prime Minister: Mike de Meza

Official languages: Dutch, Papiamento

Time zone: Aruban Florin

Currency: AST (UTC-4) (UTC-4)

Aruba enjoys warm weather and sunny skies practically year round.

Aruba is completely out of the hurricane belt.

It's always warm in Aruba with an average daily temperature of 82° F..

Trade winds cool the island, making lazy days on the white sandy beaches very tolerable.

Aruba they have sailing cruises, full-day or half-day island tours, side trips and island-hopping excursions, Archaeological and geological tours.

Also Aruba has birdwatching and hiking tours, Nature tours, Marlab biological tours, Mountain bike tours, Submarine tours and much more...

The water, which comes from the world's second-largest desalination plant, is pure and absolutely safe to drink. Bottled water is widely available.

Popular belief links Aruba's name with the Spanish phrase "oro huba" which means "there was gold".

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