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U.S. Embassy Indonesia

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Government: Presidential republic

President: Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

Vice President: Boediono

Official languages: Indonesian

Time zone: (UTC+7 to +9)

Currency: Rupiah

Indonesia's national motto is Unity in Diversity.

Fossilized remains of Homo erectus, popularly known as the "Java Man", suggest that the Indonesian archipelago was inhabited two million to 500,000 years ago.

Jakarta provides the gateway to many islands, which offer different cultures, jungles, beaches and adventure.

Jakarta provides an interesting fusion of modern western architecture and traditional Indonesian culture.

Jakarta can be divided into three sections - the old town in the north, with Javanese, Chinese, and Arab quarters; central Jakarta, with high-rise buildings; and a modern residential garden suburb in the south.

Women by their first names and the title "Ibu." Address men by their first names and then by the title "Bapak."

Indonesia is one the world's largest producers of nutmeg.

People who dream of traveling the world. Traveling can be a wonderful, mind-opening experience.

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