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U.S. Embassy Comoros

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Government: Federal Republic

President: Ahmed Abdallah M. Sambi

Official languages: Comorian, Arabic, French

Time zone: EAT (UTC+3)

Currency: Comorian Franc

Comorosis an archipelago island nation in the Indian Ocean, located off the eastern coast of Africa, on the northern end of the Mozambique Channel, between northeastern Mozambique and northwestern Madagascar.

Bioko. Anjouan, Grande Comore, and Moheli are the three main islands that make up the country of Comoros.

Comoros archipelago contains all three of these islands, plus another island, Mayotte, which is claimed by Comoros, but administered by France.

Grand Comore, the largest and arguably most accessible island.

Mohéli, the smallest and most laid-back island.

Mayotte, by choice a French-administered territory, has an excellent infrastructure geared to well-heeled French tourists and is easy to get around.

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