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Cook Islands

Cook Islands

U.S. Embassy Cook Islands

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Government: Constitutional Monarchy

Head of State: Queen Elizabeth II

Queen's Representative: Sir Frederick Goodwin

Prime Minister: Jim Marurai

Official languages: English

Time zone: (UTC-10)

Currency: New Zealand Dollar

Cook Islands comprises 15 islands spread over 850,000 square miles of ocean smack in the middle of the South Pacific between Tonga to the west and the Society Islands to the east.

Other Northern Cook Islands are: Manihiki, Nassau, Penrhyn, Rakahanga and Suwarrow.

Visitors are rewarded with natural beauty and colorful attractions at every turn.
The Cook Islands is one of the South Pacific's most popular resort destinations.

Cook Islands is inexpensive, and the local tourist industry is efficient and competitive. It's a safe, quiet place to relax and you feel right at home.

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