Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fasting Day 11,12,13,14,15

Monday 11th Not much changed here! Weather is still cold and I've just been doing yoga and meditating with a lot of rest. 

Tuesday 12th It is still cold! I did get out and get my hair done and it looks really good for a $125.00 it should. Which is the most cheapest place I found usually it cost to get my hair done is about $200.00 to $250.00. The place I went is called D & J Beauty and Salon they are in Kissimmee Florida. They also have any type of hair products you would need or hard to find products. If you like more information about the place just call them up at 407-933-0308. 

It seem the longer the fast is the more rest I need. I now see everyday the benefits that is coming from the fasting. I don't weight myself I just go by measurements. My waist line want from 38inch to 331/2 in. My face and upper body look smaller.

I still get the white tongue with a bad taste which means I'm still detoxing.
Wednesday 13th It is about time It has warmed up and it seemed like it was taking forever.
Today, I got up to 61 degree's ! I finally went for my walk outside and It felt great. I only could do three miles before I got tried and I came home stretched out and took a nap.

Thursday 14th Another beautiful day here in Florida and It got up to 72 degree's and I've started feel warm again. When for another walk and I've only could do 2 1 /2 and I was just tried.

Fasting does take a lot of mind control and determination. Because fasting is not easy! There are time I've really have fight with myself not break the fast. I am just so focused on the end results of my fasting period and what I want to accomplish with my fasting. That is what is keeping me hang on.

Friday 15th What can I say! Wow, I have been smoking for 29 years and I've have had the hardest time trying to quite. They say Once You Start Smoking, It Is Almost Impossible To Stop. I've think it so true.

I've smoke my Cigarettes for the week and it has been bothering me! But, nothing like today! I got so hostile ill and sick from smoking the cigarette. It is like I've developed an allergic reaction to the smoking. The whole day I've did not smoke another one and honesty I did not miss it and had no caving for the nicotine for the hole day. So, That is a good thing! I just hope I've don't have the nicotine withdrawal or have caving for smoking.

Is Fasting good or bad for you?

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