Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fasting Day 5/6

Florida is breaking records for being the longest cold front. It has been cold since the 1st of January. The cold wealth has been really getting to me on the 5th and 6th of January I've just been trying to keep warm.
This the main reason why I have not being walking and as soon as the weather warms up I will be out doing daily work walks for an hour or two.

The exercise I am getting is from yoga and stretching often. 

I have not been doing much computer work these two days. Because, I've been trying to keep warm, For some reason my side of the house does not get a lot of heat. I've might be more sensitive to the cold because I fasting.

I feel good and I have no hunger pains. I've been sleeping more probably because I need the rest, My dream are some much clearer. I notice I think more clearly and from time to time I get such a surge of energy. Which this surge of energy I feel so powerful. 

I've have no desire to eat and I don't miss eating I really start to see the benefits of the fasting on day 6.

I think when I break my fasting I will keep a record of that to. Because, It is said-ed breaking a fasting is harder then fasting. I think why that is because what I read and understand is many people just go back to their old eating habit, My way of think is I'm going break my fast with a orange juice and build up slowly.

My goal is to do a 30 Day fasting! Only time will tell how long I can go! I think my body will tell me when to break the fasting. So, The Fasting Is going well.

Is Fasting good or bad for you?

How To Break A Fast Safely

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