Monday, February 8, 2010

Traveling C Countries

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41.)  Cambodia-  Capital: Phnom Penh

42.)  Cameroon-  Capital: Yaoundé

43.)  Canada-  Capital Ottawa

44.)  Cape Verde-  Capital: Praia

45.)  Cayman Islands-  Capital: George Town

46.)  Central African Republic- Capital: Bangui

47.)  Chad- Capital: N'Djamena

48.)  Chile-  Capital: Santiago

49.)  China-  Capital: Beijing

50.)  Christmas Island-  Capital: Flying Fish Cove

51.)  Clipperton Island- Capital: none

52.) Cocos (Keeling) Islands- Capital: West Island

53.)  Colombia-  Capital: Bogotá D.C.

54.)  Comoros-  Capital: Moroni

55.)  Congo, Democratic Republic of the-  Capital: Kinshasa

56.)  Congo Republic of the-  Capital: Brazzaville

57.)  Cook Islands-  Capital: Avarua

58.)  Coral Sea Islands-  uninhabited

59.)  Costa Rica-  Capital: San José

60.)  Cote d'Ivoire-   Capital: Yamoussoukro

61.)  Croatia-  Capital: Zagreb

62.)  Cuba-  Capital: Havana

63.)  Cyprus-   Capital: Nicosia

People who dream of traveling the world. Traveling can be a wonderful, mind-opening experience.

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